Choose your spy program:

Free Keylogger
Total Spy Remote
Keystroke recording
Clipboard scanning
Logging of visited websites
Application monitoring
Desktop screenshots
Social networks (full chat logs)
Instant messengers (full chat logs)
Invisible at Windows startup
Password protection
Report delivery by email
The product line-up consists of Free Keylogger, the basic version of the program (which, however, offers everything necessary for efficient user monitoring), and one more version with extended functionality called Total Spy Remote.

Total Spy Remote is a more comprehensive type of spy software. It records keystrokes (including passwords, emails, addresses, etc.), monitors the system clipboard for changes, records a history of websites visited and applications run. It also logs instant messages and social network activities, including complete chats in messengers. Finally, it is capable of making screenshots, so you can see what exactly other users were doing. All captured data is accessible to the admin via structured reports.

Total Spy Remote can deliver monitoring reports to your email address. The biggest advantage of this program is that you don't need to have direct access to the computer where the software is installed and can monitor it from anywhere in the world!