MainFree Keylogger Overview

Free Keylogger Overview

Protect your children from online threats

Keyloggers are very popular among caring parents looking for a way to protect their children from the dangers of the modern Internet: from financial fraud and identity theft to extremist websites, propaganda and online child predators. If you suspect that something wrong may be going on with your kids and they may be in danger, you should go against your principle of respecting their privacy and use a reliable keylogger to collect every little piece of evidence you can. It may also make sense to occasionally check on their online activities just to be sure that don’t do anything stupid or illegal.

Catch your cheating partner red-handed

Infidelity is another popular reason for keyloggers to be popular. A free keylogger can help find that tiny piece of evidence that will put an end to an agonizing relationship or dispel doubts about someone’s being a cheater. Able to log all chat conversations and sign-in attempts, the program will help you access the suspected person’s social network accounts and see the list of visited sites, which may include dating services – a bad sign on its own.

Protect your business

As a business owner, you should be concerned with the safety of your corporate secrets, keeping your best talents intact and being one step ahead of your competition. In many situations, this may require you to step out of your comfort zone and doing a bit more than keeping your eyes and ears open. Installing a keylogger on some of your employees’ machines will help you quickly rule out the possibility of a data leaks or sabotage if something goes wrong.

Restore your work when all seems to be lost

One more – and probably the most unexpected – way of using a free keylogger is to have it installed on your own computer. In this case, the keylogger will not be used for spying on yourself, but rather for constantly logging your activities, and especially the text you typed. In case of a serious system crash, you will be able to quickly restore all of the text that you entered with a few mouse clicks – even if you were working in an application that does not support text recovery, like Word, or were not saving the results of your work on a regular basis.
The keylogger remains invisible to users at all times, and only the owner can press a secret hotkey combination to make it visible again, change settings and access the log.

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