• File Operations

    File Operations

    Free Keylogger is able to monitor operations in the particular folders. You obtain reports on creation, renaming and deleting files operations.

  • Instant Messages Logging

    Instant Messages Logging

    The program successfully recrods Skype and other IM chats: all messages sent and received by the user (both correspondence sides) are available to you.

  • Social Networks Monitoring

    Social Networks Monitoring

    Social networks activity monitoring (Facebook, Twitter, VK, LinkedIn, etc.);

  • Control of Print and USB devices

    Control of Print and USB devices

    This information will be interesting to employers and system administrators. In recent years the statistics indicates that the main channels of the sensitive information leakage are the Internet, paper documents, and removable media. Free Keylogger enables easy control over the mentioned data communication channel: Monitoring operations with USB devices; Monitoring…

  • Clipboard Monitoring

    Clipboard Monitoring

    This keylogger keeps an eye on the content of the system clipboard, as important pieces of information, such as login credentials or addresses are often copied and pasted in chats and registration forms. Thanks to this capability, you have full and unrestricted access to this information.

  • Report Delivery

    Report Delivery

    IwantSoft Free Keylogger can deliver monitoring reports to your email address, FTP, LAN and Dropbox folder. The biggest advantage of this program is that you don't need to have direct access to the computer where the software is installed and can monitor it from anywhere in the world. All you…