• Keystroke logging

    Keystroke logging

    The central feature of the program, it enables you to easily access a complete log of every sentence, phrase, word and letter typed on the keyboard, including addresses, usernames, passwords and any other information in any language. The log is conveniently accessible via searchable daily reports.

  • Application monitoring

    Application monitoring

    Free Keylogger will show you what applications were launched on the monitored system while you were away, and this may turn out to be the key piece of evidence against a cheating partner, a dishonest employee or your own kid playing games instead of writing a school paper.

  • Internet monitoring

    Internet monitoring

    Free Keylogger keeps a complete history of every website visited through any known browser, which is especially important for parents looking to identify potential threats to their children or employers making sure their business secrets are not leaked to competitors.

  • Capture screen, webcam and microphone

    Capture screen, webcam and microphone

    Iwantsoft Free Keylogger makes screenshots, captures photos through webcam at regular intervals and even creates microphone recordings! Thanks to these features, you can see what exactly other users are doing on your PC. All captured data is accessible to you via integrated media player.

  • Performance statistics

    Performance statistics

    This information will be interesting to employers and system administrators. The Free Keylogger running on the user' computer collects statistics on the used applications and the visited websites. As a result, you become aware of hours number that the employee gives to the performance of professional duties and to communications…

  • Filtering options

    Filtering options

    This program allows you to restrict or completely prohibit the use of the particular applications and websites. For example, you can prohibit launch games, social networks, YouTube watching. You just need to add the program name or website domain to the blacklist in the settings. Instead of the exact address,…